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quest for divinity

Quest for Divinity: Retracing Our Footsteps

Lloyd S. Lefteruk, B.A., C.T.M., F.R.C.


Is all history the history of the suppression of knowledge?Is the truth an indisputable contradiction to tradition belief?Will mankind make a smooth transition into the Piscean Age, or will this be the end?

This is a history of the advancement of knowledge from ancient times to the present. It examines the nature of knowledge and wisdom.The author interprets the nature of God, man and the universe. Metaphysics, noumena, phenomena are explained. A brief introductionto number symbolism is presented. Morality, ethics, soul andconscience are defined and their relationships are explained.

Growing up in a rural community, the author developed an intense curiosity about the world. He soon found that the answers to thequestions in his mind were not easy to find. At an early age he noticed curious psychic and paranormal events, at that time unexplainable,that aroused an intense thirst for knowledge that could not be quenched.

Herealized that there was more to life than the people around him were willing to admit.He became a prolific and compulsive reader. Then he became a speed reader. Through a planned reading program (self devised), heread a twenty two volume encyclopedia (Our Wonderful World), while barely out of elementary school. There were not enough booksin his elementary or in his high school tosatisfy him.

In high school he read countless biographies (Ghandi, Scott,Carver, Edison), novels (Exodus, The Robe), classics (William Tell,Heidi, Moby Dick, Gulliver’s Travels, Treasure Island), The Bible, and most of The World Encyclopedia. In university, he majored ingeography, history, and sociology. As a school teacher his interests widened and his reading continued. At any one time he wouldhave fifteen to twenty books in various places throughout the house opened as he was reading them all simultaneously.

Philosophy,religion, and ancient history, and then metaphysics and mysticism became his ultimate interest.He was an active member of Toastmasters International for many years where he was referred to as The Man of Letters. His life, as isreflected in the book has been a quest for truth, knowledge, and wisdom. He believes these gemstones to be the keys to man’s releasefrom the bondage of ignorance and superstition, that and these will ultimately reintegrate mankind with God.There were times when he became very frustrated with the inability to find satisfactory answers to the contradictions in his life.

It wasduring one of these times that he found the Rosicrucian Order, which led him to all the answers he was seeking. He enrolled in theRose Croix University in San Jose, California in 1980, where he has studied for twenty-six years. He is now working in the highestdegrees of the Rosicrucian Order, AMORC.He has now retired from teaching and writing has become his greatest passion. The book Quest for Divinity is the culmination of hispersonal search for truth.

$24.95 Can. plus Shipping and Handling.

reflections on reality Reflections on Reality: A Personal Search for Truth

Lloyd S. Lefteruk, B.A., C.T.M., F.R.C.


Can we make practical use of our strange encounters with the paranormal realm ofmystical experience, dreams, visions and angels or spirit guides in our lives?Can we find answers to the deepest and most perplexing questions that plague us in our lives?Can we find our way through the labyrinth of false knowledge, incorrect thinking, deception, wrong belief and ignorance of the world?

This book is an account of my most profound life experiences and the conclusions I have drawn from them. It is an attempt on my partto share my innermost thoughts, my personal truths, my realities and my conclusion about some aspects of the world we live in.THEMEThe amazing thing about our society is not that people accept such ridiculous beliefs, but that they accept those beliefs without question.

Lloyd Lefteruk was born in Selkirk, Manitoba on May 17, 1941. He was a second generation Canadian of Ukrainian decent. he wasthe son of Nicholas and Annie Lefteruk. He had two brothers and two sisters.

He grow up on a diversified farm in St. Peters, Manitoba. he attended a one room school he was an active member of the Junior RedCross where he served as secretary and then treasurer and eventually president. After gaining his grade nine diploma bycorrespondence, he attended Selkirk Collegiate. After earning a grade twelve standing, he went on to Manitoba Teachers’ College.He taught at Mapleton School in the Lord Selkirk School Division for three years.

During that time he enrolled in the University ofManitoba from which he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in 1970. This degree was earned while teaching full time.University courses were taken in evening and in summer school courses.In university Lloyd took three majors. These were history, geography and sociology. It was at this time in university that he developedan intense love for history. He has retained a fascination with ancient history to thepresent.

Lloyd taught for thirty six years, thirty-three of these in the Transcona Springfield School Division before he retired in June, 1996.During his teaching career he served for many years as a member of the executive of the T.S.T.A. He also spent five years as an activemember of Toastmaster’s International. He served on many committees in the Transcona School Division.

In 1980, Lloyd enrolled in the Rose Cross University, A.M.O.R.C., in San Jose, California. He has been enrolled continually fromthat time to the present. He still receives correspondence courses by mail. He served for fifteen years in various capacities in theCharles Dana Dean Chapter of A.M.O.R.C. in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Positions held included secretary, treasurer, master, chaplain andregional monitor.

After The Charles Dana Dean Chapter had to discontinue its activities due to unforeseen circumstances in 1995,Lloyd was instrumental in reviving activities of the group under the name of Winnipeg Atrium Group, A.M.O.R.C. in 2000. Heserved the Winnipeg Atrium as group leader for four years. He is presently working in the higher degrees of the Rosicrucian Order,A.M.O.R.C.

His first book, Quest of Divinity, a treatise of philosophical theology was published in 2006 by Tartan Graphics in Sanford,Manitoba.

$24.95 Can. plus shipping and handling.

living with a killer LIVING WITH A KILLER

by Erna Dueck

Survivor of three primary cancers tells her story“Each person’s struggle with cancer is unique. Erna captures both the frustrations and the hopes that everyone must face.”

– Pamela Wallin, Canada’s Consul General to New York

“From the battleground of cancer diagnoses and treatments, Erna Dueck reminds us that the most valuable fight is waged from the heart; a faithful effort to choose and celebrate life and friendship.”– Dr. Tom Hack, Cancer Researcher and Clinician, University of Manitoba

About the Author
Erna Dueck, C.G.A., is an accountant, a writer, a passionate supporter of her church and faith, a volunteer, and a survivor of threeprimary cancers. During the past twenty years, she has volunteered in several trustee capacities at her church. She is a peersupport volunteer with the Canadian Cancer Society, drawing on her own experiences to offer coping tips and hope to those facinga cancer diagnosis.

Although there is not much slack in her busy schedule of working, volunteering, and writing, Erna lovesto be in nature whenever she can with hiking, wildflower walks, and bird watching. Her other loves are traveling in Canada andabroad, reading books on many subjects and creating beauty with her artistry as a cross stitcher.

Erna lives and volunteers in Winnipeg, Manitoba.-by Judith Hirst

Faspa Faspa A Snack of Mennonite Stories

by Eleanor Hildebrand Chornoboy

Faspa – n. (pl. -sch) teatime, coffee-break; a coffee and snack time between lunch and supper.

Kjenn Jie Noch Plautdietsch? A Mennonite Low German Dictionary by Herman Rempel

Faspa is a smorgasbord of Mennonite stories with universal appeal. The pages are filled with stories and anecdotes about the rural way of life ofthe second and third generation Canadians – Mennonite Canadians.

The stories are spiced with a healthy dose of humour, a deep sense of pathos, and practical, home grown information.Read about:

  • toilet training with straw
  • farming with stubborn broncos
  • home grown medical practices
  • the impact of Mennonite sons going off to war
  • rural telephone party lines,

and much, much more.

Each page offers a glimpse of Mennonite life. The reader is given a taste of what has been left in the past, and an appetite for the savoury traditionsof today—like Faspa.

Eleanor Hildebrand Chornoboy is a native of southern Manitoba. She grew up on the family farm in the school district of Edenburg where sheattended school in the one-room schoolhouse.

She received her high school education at the Mennonite Collegiate Institute in Gretna,Manitoba, and received her teaching credentials, a Bachelor’s Degree and a Master’s Degree in Family Studies at the University of Manitoba.

Her professional life has been dedicated to children with special needs and their families, working towards the inclusion of all children who aregifted with different strengths.

Over the years, Eleanor has collected and documented family stories. Initially she collected the stories for her own curiosity and interest, butsoon she realized that many of the stories were unknown to her generation, and to the young people in her life. She believes that if the storiesand anecdotes are not documented, they will be lost. To tell the stories is her opportunity to let the children know about those who came beforethem.

$28.95 Can. plus shipping and handling.

Kevin…A Mother’s Story

by Diane Iwanicki

“…an interesting, touching, heart-wrenching story.”-Pat Oster, educator and Assistant Director, Human Resources, Winnipeg School Division No. 1, 2000

“A recommended journey of the heart! Diane’s Kevin…A Mother’s Story is a must-read for all parents and even non-parents. The true story isnot only a parent’s broken-hearted journal of her child’s illness and suffering, it is an honest-to-goodness confrontation with the eternal question‘Why’.

The heart-and-soul journey of a loving mother climaxes in an extraordinary hope that surpasses all understanding. The journeystill continues, promising acceptance, peace and grace. Kevin…A Mother’s Story is worth reading!”- Thomas V. Chan, educator and author

September 2003

CAN $19.95 plus shipping and handling.




What trouble is brewing in Grandpa’s golf bag? Curl up beside Grandma and hear about how Grandpa’s birthday present, a shiny new golf club, causes an upset when it brags to the other clubs that it is Grandpa’s favorite.

Whether golf clubs or family members, the newest often gets lots of attention. Trouble in Grandpa’s Golf Bag gives children a glimpse of the range of feelings they may have. The story ends with the reassurance that, “Oldest or newest, have you guessed? Inside our hearts we love each of you best.”

“This is the cutest, cleverest, sweetest children’s book I’ve seen for a long time. I can hardly wait to read it to my grandkids.” – Nina Lee Colwill, Ph D, Author and Editor

“A wonderful story that relays an important message in a fun and enjoyable tale. Anyone who’s ever teed up to a ball will enjoy Trouble in Grandpa’s Golf Bag.” – Bob Weeks, Editor, SCOREGolf Magazine.

Joanne Klassen, founder of Heartspace Writing School, is the author of Tools of Transformation and Learning to Live, Learning to Love, a book about self-esteem that has been translated and distributed worldwide.

Joanne’s passions are children, peace building, and golfing with Grandpa Ted. They live in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

Reymond Page is a stay-at-home dad/artist who enjoys sports, music, and listening to his children read. His work varies from cartoons to realism, from the whimsical to the political. He lives in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

$19.95 Canada plus shipping and handling. $15.95 USA plus shipping and handling.

snow angels Snow Angels

By Eleanor Hildebrand Chornoboy

Illustrated by Katie Altendorf Cable

Snow Angels is a beautiful story that touches the heart and lingers there long after, as a loving gesture would. It will delight children – and the child in all of us – with its tale of winter magic and the gifts of pure kindness and love. - Marjorie Anderson, Editor of Dropped Threads

Snow Angels is a timeless reminder of the BIG heartprints left by small acts of caring delivered with love. It's sure to become a Christmas classic. - Joanne Klassen

Author of Tools of Transformation and Trouble in Grandpa's Golfbag Snow Angels is a beautiful story with gentle, sensitive images. Even if you have never experienced the joy of making a snow angel, you will be inspired to search out a field of the white... patiently waiting. - Fred Penner, Juno Award winning International Family Entertainer and recipient of Parents’ Choice, National Parenting Publications and the American Library Association Awards - ‘The Cat Came Back’ man.

Snow Angels is Eleanor's first children's book for children of all ages. She is the author of best selling Faspa, a Snack of Mennonite Stories.

Eleanor has spent many years working towards making a positive difference in the lives of children with extra needs and their families. She believes in the value of family, the importance of story telling, and in the joy of making snow angels for her neighbours each Christmas morning.

Eleanor lives in Manitoba, Canada with her husband Larry.

Snow Angel is Katie Altendorf Cable's first illustrated children's book. Katie is a teacher for visually impaired children. She enjoys travel, art, winter and bringing the joy of making snow angels to her students. Katie and her bearded collie Zach, live in Manitoba, Canada.

$13.95 Can. plus shipping and handling

time for a story Time for a Story?
Heartspace Writers Anthology 2008

Authors contributing to the book

►Eleanor Hildebrand Chornoboy
►Pat Cloutier
►Heather Emberley
►Madeleine Ruth Enns
►Cynthia Booden Firth
►Mona Gauthier
►Gina Giesbrecht
►Cassandra Jones
►Ruth Kettner
►Joanne Klassen
►Dolores Betty Lohrenz
►Cydney McMurray
►Irma Nadeau
►Shelley Penziwol

$16.95 Can. plus Shipping and Handling.

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